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SlootbedekkingFRPSloot drein

Nuwe ontwerp seile ysterbedekking vir alle vriende

Tyd: 2019-11-04

Nuwe ontwerp seierbare ysterbedekkings kom vir alle vriende. Hierdie ontwerp seëlbare ysterbedekkingsgat is bewys. Die gat is slegs 8.5 mm. En nadat dit geïnstalleer is, sal dit beter wees as die ou strykysterbedekking. Die reënwater sal maklik wees as ou bedekking om vinnig in te kom en vinnig te gaan.

At the moment, we have two sizes--for internal width 150mm and 200mm polymer concrete drain channel. And the loading is D400 of EN1433 standard. For the other width, we can make the mould for you. You are welcome to contact for this trench drain cover.

Without painting

After painting