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Polimeer betonput

Easy to fit and seal dividing walls U Easy to handle & cut for cable entry penetration U Range of anti-slip lids and access covers for all load classes to Class G (AS 3996).

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450 * 450 * 600mm,
300 * 300 * 450mm,
600 * 600 * 600mm,
900 * 900 * 600mm

The other size can be produced too.But need to make new mould.

pit extension risers and modular cableduct are manufactured from the same high quality non corrosive Polymer Concrete as their drainage channel counterparts. Polyester resin used as a bonding agent, together with mineral aggregates makes polyesterconcrete an extremely compression-proof building material; not only able to withstand heavy loads, but also extremely durable and long lasting with excellent dielectric properties, high mechanical strengths, chemical resistance and zero water absorption.

Compared to normal concrete, polymer concrete is an impervious material with few pores, characterised by its extreme stability and its low weight. HZT Construction pit’ polymer concrete consists predominantly of natural, mineral raw materials -such as quartz, basalt and granite -which are bound by a resinous mixture..

●Manageable: The majority of our pits can be lifted with one or two people.
●Environmental Protection: Hydro Construction Products pits are leak proof and extremely resistant to liquid chemicals.
●Tough Design: Designed for loading classes from A10 to G900.
●Cover Options: Available with cover options in stainless steel, Galvanised checker plate steel or ductile iron.
●Outlets: Designed with pre-formed knockouts on all walls for simple conduit installation.
●Trafficable: Combined with suitable covers to achieve Class A – G Loadings
●Secure: Covers can be locked down to prevent theft and movement.
●Workability: Easily worked with grinding disks, masonry drills and chisels . No Steel Reinforcement.
●Ageing Resistance: entirely frost proof, maintenance free and unsusceptible to wear.
●Versatile: Depth of pits can be increased in 270mm increments by adding our Polymer Concrete risers.

Use steel pallet and packing belt to pack. And the bottem on the top.And some soft plastic between two pcs.

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