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Tabon sa kanal sa SMC

With high-temperature and high-pressure once moulding technology, the degree of polymerization, high density, good resistance to impact and tensile strength, have wear-resisting, corrosion resistant, no rusty, non-pollution, free maintenance etc

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1 round SMC trench drain cover size:
yunit: mm
The size is 172X500 and 122X500 and 222X500
It can be used with external size 190mm and 130mm and 240mm channel drain.

mga detalye:
1.Loading class
Now 172X500 and 122X500 SMC trench cover reached EN1433 standard D400 class. 222X500 reached C250 class

2. Kusog nga kusog
Its strength is ten times as rigid PVC, much higher than the absolute strength of aluminum to achieve the level of ordinary steel;

3. Rusty
As this material is better than the others. So it will not be rusty for ever. And the loading class is same as Ductile rion cover. You can use this cover for long and long time.

4. Ang timbang nga timbang
SMC material is with light weight than the other steel cover. So it is easy to move and install. So you can save much cost to ship it.

5. Mga kolor
The colour can be black, green etc. So that it is easy to be found from the ground. And the road or ground will be beautiful.

6. Sayon nga pag-instalar
The SMC trench drain covers makes of composite materials greatly reduce the weight of components, thus reducing the weight of the support structure, installation will not require lifting equipment, which saves and convenient.

7. Safety and security
Covers the installation and use of composite materials, the process will not crash and have a spark, especially for use in explosive environments, in addition, the covers with non-slip surface to prevent sliding down to reduce accidents.

1 Neve be rusty, because of the SMC material;
2 Urban Building Solutions: Pedestrians and comparable areas, Car parking decks, Gully tops.
3 Road Construction: Road cover and the load is suit for all the road vehicles.

Ang pakete sa produkto pinaagi sa mga sumbanan sa matag nasud.
Usally the packing is wooden pallet or according to your requirment.

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