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Couvercle de drain de tranchée en caillebotis en acier

The strength is better.
 The material can be stainless steel or galvanized. And loading class can from A15 to D400 EN1433 standard.
The grating trench cover edge can be flate or packed by the u steel channel.

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●1000mm de longueur.
●The bolt hole can be in the middle or edge
●Middle bolt hole is for A15 to C250 class and edge bolt hole is for C250 to D400 class
●La largeur est de 130 mm à 360 mm
●Grating mesh opening can be changed as the requirement.
●The trench drain grating cover edge can be flat or with thickness
●All the steel grating cover can be used with all size the linear trench drain


The steel grating cover can be used with all the polymer concrete trench drain channel. So that the channel drain loading class can reach D400 En1433 standard.
1) All the grates have a smooth and firm surface, also with a better strength to corrosion of chemical.
2) Reinforcement in the bottom are designed specially, guarantee the strong loading.
3) All the steel grating are inspected according to EN1433 & AS3996.
4) We can make the product according to your request, sample and drawing.

1. Aucune valeur de rebut inhérente, réduisant ainsi le risque de vol
2. poids modéré et installation facile
3.Can be used in -30℃ to 70 ℃degrees environment
4.10 ans de durée de vie
5.Any design can be produed according to the requirement
6.drainage the water sooner.

Usally the steel grating cover is connected with the liner polymer concrete trench drain. And they will be put on the wood pallet. According to the size of the trench drain size to get the quanity of each pallet.