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The stamping channel drain cover can be used with polymer trench drain and stainless steel channel drain and HDPE channel drain. And it is used in your pedestrian mall, supemarket, gardeng etc project.

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The following are usall size what we produce for you. The other size can be produced as your drawing or design. So that the stamping channe drain cover can meed your channel width of your project. And the thickness of the trench drain cover can be changed as your project loading class. The biggest loading can be C250 in EN1433 standard. Let's work together in your next project!


● 1000 मिमी लंबाई।
●Width is from 130mm to 330mm usally.

●The opening can be oblong. The other design hole can be produced as the requirment
●The connection bolt hole is in the middle
●The cover thickness can be 1.2mm to 8mm

1 As usally the stamping trench drain cover loading class is A15 or B125, it can not be used in the road.
2 Some road side need to use this cover, then the cover thickness should be 8mm or more and add some rib reinforcement.
3 If the road need the cover loading class reach C250, then the stamping cover should be with the ductile iron fram.
4 The oblong hole is produced by mould. The other design hole should be produced by laser machine or mould with big quantity..
5 The stamping drain trench cover’s material usally is SS304 or SS316. And the thickness is 2mm or less and it is for A15 loading only.
6 We don’t advice you to use galvanized material. Becuase this material can not be used long time and easy to rust.

1.It can drainage the water very fast.
2.The weight is light so that it is very easy to move or install
3.It can be used long time as the material is stainless steel
4.The cover can be used with the stainless steel trench drain channel
5.The cover can be used in the room or outdoor.
6.It is easy to take out and clean the channel

Usally the stamping cover is connected with the liner polymer concrete trench drain. And the quantity of per pallet according to the size of the channel drain.The cover can be packed in the pallet or wooden case by self.

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