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linear trench drain installing

Time: 2022-03-16

The installing of the trench drian is not same as the other products. The sump will be installed firstly.

Let's check the details.

1 we should confirm the loading of the drain channel. Then we can know how much concrete will be used.

2  Then dig a gut from the ground. And the gut width should be bigger than the polymer channel so that it is easy to install the channel drain.

3  The deepth of the gut, it should be deeper than the drain channel's height. 

4  Make the gut bottom to be strong.

5  Put the concrete on the bottom of the gut according to the loading class of the trench drain.

6  Put the drain channel or sump in the concrete.

7  According to the loading class to confirm the concrete of drain channel both sides.

8  Install the linear drain cover.