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  • linear trench drain installing

    The step of the installing of linear trench drain--end to begin.

  • C250 class drain channel are shipped

    Polymer concrete drain channel with C250 class ductile iron grating, these my kids had been loaded into the container and will be shipped to thire new home

  • The SMC drain cover reach D400 loading class

    Congratulate that our 222mm SMC drain grating reach D400 of EN1433 standard!

  • Anti slip grating for polymer channel

    After two months checking and producing, the new grating—anti slip grating can be produced and supplied to all the clients now.

    The length usally is 1000mm and width can be produced as your need. And this grating can used with the polymer and SS drain channel.

  • New design polymer concrete pit for all friend

    We had supplied the polymer concrete pit to some clients. But we can not supply that design to the other clients. According to all most clients’ need, the new design of the polymer concrete pit mould had been produce over.

  • split polymer kerb drain

    the polymer kerb drain include two parts: one is the kerb and the other one is the polymer channel drain. Because of the two parts, it is easy to ship and save the container space. So that to save much shipping cost for you. And because of the two parts....

  • HDPE channel size are channged

    Dear all friend,

    Becuase of our factory mould channged, all our HDPE channel size are channged too. And as some size can not be suitble the market. So that thoese mould can not be used offen, the mould .....

  • New products for the market--- Colourfull trench drain cover

    Colourfull trench drain cover are coming for 2020 year!The cover material is stainless steel then make them colourfull.....

  • New Design ductile iron cover for all friend

    New design ductile iron covers are coming for all friend. This design ductile iron cover hole is proof. The hole is 8.5mm only. And after installed, it will be better than the old ductile iron cover. The rain water will be easy than old cover to get in and go very fast.

  • Steel plate products had been produced for you!

    As we do the SS or galv grating cover for all our client. And the grating is made by steel plate or SS plate.

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