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Temporalt dikeomslagets material-- SMC-materialkaraktäristik

Tid: 2019-03-20

Det tillfälliga diketäckmaterialet är SMC. Detta material är bättre än HDPE och stål etc.

SMC characteristic:

1 inflaming retarding,

2 Hight mechanical strength

3 Light weight

4 corrosion resisting

5 Lång livslängd

6 High insulation

7 Arc resistance

8 anti-aging

According above characteristic, it is lighter than steel plate trench cover and it is easy to move. The weight is nearly to HDPE material trench cover. But SMC material trench cover is inflaming retarding and anti-aging. So our temporary trench cover can be used long time. When the trench cover age, the loading will change. Such as it can be from 500kgs to 300kgs or less.